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"Established in 2000, began on the premise that we could provide any merchant - large or small - with high quality, reliable tracking software - at a lower cost than the industry norm - with the added benefit of being plugged into a large network of quality affiliate sites. We believe in, and depend on - the strong relationship between a motivated salesperson (the Affiliate), and a Merchant. We are proud of our reputation in the industry for being fair, honest, and proactive to customer concerns. If you have any questions about how we can help your business grow, please feel free to contact us at our corporate office, or via email."
Added on : 03/19/2007
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User: Matta Rating: 5 04/30/2007
Users' average rating: 3.2 Number of ratings: 6
Good money tho some bad merchants and bad controls. Sharesale does not rein in greedy merchants. Example merchants have known to change my % to 0.01% WITH OUT my knowledge.

User: happysales Rating: 1 03/26/2007
Users' average rating: 1.0 Number of ratings: 9
Thank god for this site. Now I can warn others about some of these thieves. SAS = Sh*t A Sale. They have very little respect or sympathy for you when your merchants void your sale. They just go "too bad". Usability? Are you friggin kidding me? I'm an amateur programmer and I can do better than their sh*tty "menus". Lame.

User: Dave Rating: 3 03/19/2007
Users' average rating: 3.6 Number of ratings: 22
My experience with Shareasale is a mixed bag. They offer several thousand active affiliate programs, most being the smaller name online merchants. The earning potential is pretty good because of the sheer variety of programs out there.

They offer free datafeeds that you can download with FTP, although it's tricky to get approved for all the feeds (some merchants will simply ignore or deny your datafeed request).

The reporting is very good. My favorite feature of the transactions report is the referring page. Most other affiliate networks will not have this information on reports.

The user interface is cluttered and unprofessional. But once you get used to it it's doesn't really get in the way of finding what you need. However the link search tool is cumbersome and needs a lot to be desired.

Another good feature Shareasale offers is the promotions file that contains the most up-to-date coupons and deals for your approved merchants. Personally, however, I have not seen much result with its usage.

Payments can be done via check or direct deposit. Which brings me to the UGLY part- Shareasale pretty much gives merchants free reign over the voiding of commissions. Affiliates pretty much have no say over the voiding of commissions which merchants can void for ANY reason. In fact, here's a direct quote from Michael Littleton of Shareasale: "Merchants have the ability to void transactions for any reason until they lock." On their website they state that they are "proud of our reputation in the industry for being fair, honest, and proactive to customer concerns", but they will either ignore you or always side with the merchant when you do complain. And trust me- there will be quite a few merchants who are willing to take advantage. Also if you think you're a careful one and that you've read the affiliate Terms of Agreement (TOA) before joining the program- it doesn't matter.

So if you do sign up with Shareasale be ready to make some money but also be prepared to have your patience tested to the limit by shady merchants and indifferent affiliate customer service.

8/10 revenue
8/10 reporting
8/10 affiliate tools
4/10 affiliate interface/search
1/10 customer service

overall: 3/10

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