Lexington Law Affiliate Program February 2015 Newsletter

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Thanks for an Amazing Q1.

This first quarter has proved to be great in every imaginable way. We are seeing excellent volume, call quality and conversion. We would love to see these numbers continue on into March and Q2. Thanks for all you do to help make our affiliate program so successful!

New Banners - Ready to Convert

Our team has been busy testing images and copy to produce the best new creative for your campaigns. We are constantly working to get you additional resources. Some of our newest creative, including mobilized banners, are now available under the links tab of CJ.

Headed to LeadsCon?

Will you or your colleagues be attending LeadsCon (Las Vegas) next week? Some members of our team will be attending March 3 and 4, and would love to meet you. Please let us know if you are attending and we can schedule time for you to meet with our Progrexion Affiliate team.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Progrexion Affiliate Team:

Jarum Feichko

[email protected]

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