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If you are using deep links to refer sales directly to a page on the U.S. Microsoft Store, please read carefully the changes to the format of these links. The new format of these links will take effect starting March 12, 2015 and any links that do not follow this format will not be eligible for commissions.

Deep links allows you to lead your customers to any destination URL on the Microsoft Store. This is a flexible option for you to point to any product or promotion of your choosing at any time.

To create a deep link, please follow the new instructions below:

  1. Login to using your email or affiliate ID and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot Password?" to receive a new one.

  2. Once logged in, click "Get Coupons" in the top navigation menu.

  3. Under the Program drop down menu, select Microsoft Store.

  4. If desired, specify your coupon start and end dates. Otherwise, leave these fields as-is. Out of best practice, it is better to deep link off of a coupon that has a longer expiration date, as deep links remain active based on the coupon expiration date.

  5. Once the coupon results are shown, you will see an "Embed Deep Link" button next to each coupon in the program.

  6. Click on the Embed Deep Link button next to a coupon of your choosing, and a new pop up window will appear below.

  7. In the pop up window, type in the desired destination URL and click the Generate button. Your new deep link code will be generated and

can be used anywhere.

Any deep link not following the format above will not be tracked.


The Microsoft Store oneNetworkDirect Affiliate Team

[email protected]

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